• Flower DIY

    This flowers where made with a cover paper, but you can use construction paper (cover), copy paper, scrapbooking paper, newspaper, or high end art paper.


    You will need:



    Spatula, cake knife or pencil

    Glue or hot glue

    For the base, cardboard


    Step 1


    I provided a template to download, but usually I do it freehand, Nature is not perfect, and thats what makes these flowers look a little more real.


    You will need to cut 
8-9 large petals

    6-7 medium petals

    4-6 small ones

    save small pieces, some times they help for the pistil



    Step 2

    Once you cut the petal (see picture) you will cut the bottom about an inch or so (depending on the size of the petal) glue the 2 parts (sides) to make it fold naturally and… then you curl the petal, this can be done with a spatula, a cake knife or a pencil.






    Flower cutting1 from Tania Fischer on Vimeo.



    Repeat these steps with every petal in every size.


    Step 3

    Using a used gift box, foam cora or corrugated cardboard cut a circular base


    Step 4

    Start pasting each petal around the circle.


    Step 5

    Center can be 2 petals glued at the top and the bottom or using a pencil you can roll one super tight and paste it


    Look around you garden, to get new ideas on shapes for your petals.

    Tutorial by Tania Fischer

    Photography by Gustavo Mayoral

    Template available

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